Deleting user does not delete mailaccount

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Mon Jun 9 09:03:11 CEST 2008

Paul Douglas Franklin <pdf at> writes:

> ITSEF Admin wrote:
>> On Tuesday 3 June 2008 14:29:38 Gunnar Wrobel wrote:
>>> ITSEF Admin <itsef-admin at> writes:
>> [...]
>>>> ps auxc |grep kolabd gives me two "kolabd" processes running. Is there
>>>> any way to determine whether they are "really" running?
>>> If they are there, the process should be active. You can of course try
>>> to restart the process running /kolab/bin/openpkg rc kolabd restart.
>> Ok, I did a restart for kolabd (and it does indeed start two processes). 
>> Deleting seems to work again - I'd still be interested in knowing how this 
>> could fail silently. :-/
>>> kolabd might have the impression that the user account still exists on
>>> Kolab slave servers. I remember we had some bug concerning that.
>> Our server is standalone, no slaves defined.
>> Cheerio & thanks,
>> Thomas
> This is similar to one of my problems.  I have two users and a 
> distribution list whom I've deleted.  They show "User deleted, awaiting 
> cleanup" in the Action columns.  I deleted them long ago, but they just 
> stay.  I've shut down and restarted many times.  Kolabd is running two 
> instances just like for Thomas, stopping kolabd stops both, and starting 
> starts two.  No slaves.
> It is a minor irritation, but an irritation nonetheless.

Just to double-check:

There are no slave hosts defined in the "Kolab Hostnames (for Master
and Slaves)" section of the "Settings"-Panel and the single host
listed there really matches the local machine name?

While people often don't use slave servers it can happen that somebody
enters a value in that section. As far as I know the Kolab server
would then try to connect to that host but obviously fails. This might
lead to the situation you are observing.

If this is not the case we would probably have to dive deeper into the



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