IMAP folder system not being generated under Toltec connector

Gunnar Wrobel wrobel at
Tue Jun 3 14:23:33 CEST 2008

Michael Feldmann <mfeldman at> writes:

> Hello list,
> having had some trouble with the kolab 2.2rc2 (see thread "GETANNOTAION
> call failed" in this list I have now set up version 2.1 from the OPENPKG
> sourcesIon a suse10.2.
> This works fine, and I can connect to the IMAP server from an outlook XP
> with Toltec open format kolab-XML, latest version 2.30. The LDAP works
> as well, as I can see some testusers which I have setup in the kolab
> server.
> As my main interest is providing a shared calendar, I have setup a new
> group account on the server. On the client I introduced a new message
> store and mapped it via toltec.
> For all these steps I have been following the doc 1.3.7-pdf from the
> Kolab home page, and now I am at the step where it says "Synchronize to
> the server in order to trigger the standard imap folder creation".
> This step does not seem to work, however. I assumed I had to open the
> "Properties" menu of the newly created group account and in the Toltec
> tab push the "synchronize" button for this folder creation. But, nothing
>  at all happens, I am stuck with the two subfolders which wre there before.
> What I find a bit strange, is that in the doc, version 2.x, from the
> Toltec home page this step doesnt even exist. Almost from the beginning
> of the procedure the reader is shown a full hierarchy of subfolders, no
> hint whre these come from.
> What did I overlook?

Did you contact the Toltec support on this? Might be faster :)



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