Shared Folders in Kolab 2.2

Volker Stoppe grenzlaeufer at
Wed Jul 23 11:15:04 CEST 2008

Hallo folks!

Big thanks for the new release 2.2 of the Kolab-server! Actually I am setting 
up a Demo system an trying to sync between Horde, Outlook and Thunderbird.

I noticed a strange problem when creating a shared folder. 
° Creating shared-folder in admin-interface seems ok.
° shared-folder doesn't appear in filesystem.
° mailbox isn't created, I checked it in cyradm with "lm"

Theoretical question:
Situation: I grant in horde access for the user_a calender for user_b.
Should user_b see the imap-folder in Thunderbird?
I thought yes, but I don´t see other folders.

The ACLs are these:
localhost> lam user/usera/Kontakte at
usera at lrswikxtecda
userb at lrswikxtecd

Maybe someone has the same problems and can help.



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