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Wed Apr 23 14:56:14 CEST 2008

Hi Saim,

On Monday 21 April 2008 16:03, Saim Kim wrote:
> just wondering if there is a documentation for "how to organize group
> work with kolab"? 

Not a comprehensive one as there are many possibilities.
Selection of them usually involves a deep understanding of the processes in an 
organisation and thus is a typical consulting task to evaluate.

> In our setup the kolab server is needed to show a 
> group calender to plan meetings and to see what meetings somebody else has.

One way to use a group calender is to set up a group account
which everybody gets access to. 

> So far I setup a distribution list where everybody is subscribed to, so
> one has only to send one invitation instead of sending one to every
> single person for a complete group meeting (about 15 people).

This means you might get 15 answers or so. 
Just writing this into one group-folder leaves you without this direct 
feedback, but is less hassle.

> One problem was how to seperate the business and private events in the
> calender: So I created another group account named
> "calender_group at" which is also subscribed to the group
> distribution list and publicly visible. This account gets an invitation
> for every business meeting from every worker. Therefore, this calender
> has all the business events and group events and there is no need to
> grant access to the personal calender since Kolab shows also details of
> private events.

Envisoned modelling for this to just have two or more calender folders,
one for business and one for private events. This works great with Kontact 
For just getting an overview about where a group of people is,
you can use the extended freebusy list.
With Server 2.2-rc3 this will be good for the usecase.

> Now, this solutions seems to be rather complicated especially since
> there has to be an invitation for every single meeting to the group
> calendar to make it visible to others. Is there an easier way to get the
> described functionallity? 

Yes, as described above.

> Is it possible to show at least the subject of 
> the event in the freebusy information (outlook shows private for private
> events in my personal folder)?

Extended freebusy lists can do this, but not for Outlook which will not 
display this additional information when it gets it from standard .ifb files.
This is why we invented the freebusy view over the web.


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