Cross client compatibility testing

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Fri Sep 14 07:03:19 CEST 2007

Michael Leupold <leupold at> writes:

> Hi Gunnar,
> Am Donnerstag, 13. September 2007 schrieb Gunnar Wrobel:
>> The clients seem to get along suprisingly well with each other. Then
>> again notes have the most simple groupware format. The only client
>> that gave me grief here was the Konsec connector that seemed incapable
>> of recognizing new groupware folders that were created in the web
>> client.
> It seems though that notes created with contacts are always rich text which is 
> displayed pretty garbled in other clients.

Yes, you are right and I opened a bug about this when I tested the
note support ( The
newer Kontact-Enterprise branch does recognize non-rich-text notes and
allows you to edit them without the formatting. If I remember it
correctly the older versions did not allow you to do that. Still the
default are the formatted notes which should get a small button in
order to activate, deactivate it.



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