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Kai Hildebrandt kai.hildebrandt at
Wed Nov 22 12:21:08 CET 2006

Hi all.

I needed to configure the kolab-server to accept mails from another 

The kolab test-domain is ""

The mail exchanger for now forwards the messages of a 
specific user to

In the "Services" tab of the administration frontend there is a checkbox 
called "Accept Internet Mail". Does this setting change any 
configuration files?

It works now after I've found this:

I edited the file /kolab/etc/postfix/ (probably not the right 
place?) and added the -allow-noauth option.

I don't think that an administrator of kolab should edit any of the 
config files by hand as far kolab is a black box system.

Is there a better solution for my setup above?


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