sasl ldap problem

Sascha Wilde wilde at
Fri Nov 17 09:43:12 CET 2006

Divan Santana <Divan.Santana at> writes:

> I am glad to contribute this fix back. I hope someone finds it useful.
> I think it might be kubuntu specific.
> mv /dev/random /dev/random.backup
> ln -s /dev/urandom /dev/random

Please note that this "fix" introduces serious security issues!

It replaces the widely used user land interface to a source of "true"
randomness with one, which will instrument a pseudo random generator
when running out of entropy.  See random(4) for further information.

This will not only affect POP3S and other SSL secured network
protocols, but many (any?) other cryptographic applications (for
example GnuPG) running on the host, too.

So please DON'T DO THIS until you are running _only_ applications with
low security requisitions on the system in question.

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