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Wed Dec 20 17:25:29 CET 2006

On 12/20/06, sebastian sanchez <grupodixis at gmail.com> wrote:
> i follow this indications from wiki to backup kolab:
> LDAP data backups (openldap)
> Use the "slapcat" utility as follows:
> /kolab/sbin/slapcat -l /path/to/file/kolab_ldap_db.ldif
> The .ldif file is a normal text file that can be backed up using TAR
> or any equivalent utility.
> This LDIF file will still work even if the database format or software changes.
> To import/export LDAP data, you can use also: phpLDAPadmin , LDAP
> account manager
> but when i try tu restore with phpldapadmin
> Error
> Could not add object: dc=bonnin,dc=com
> LDAP said: Constraint violation
> Error number: 0x13 (LDAP_CONSTRAINT_VIOLATION)
> Description: Some constraint would be violated by performing the
> action. This can happen when you try to add a second value to a
> single-valued attribute, for example.
> i do the bootstrap  first
> can any body helpme?
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Si  pones Fe en la mentira, la mentira sera tu Fe.

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