[SPAM] RE: Kolab, Toltec Connector and Outlook 98

Delmer Wells delmerw at vanner.com
Fri May 28 16:27:43 CEST 2004

As Joon suggested I created the message store in C/W mode and then changed
to IMO mode.  There are lines available now for FREE/BUSY URL information;
I'm pretty sure that my report earlier that FREE/BUSY was unavalable in IMO
was a case of user error ... um, I goofed.

I can see that .VFB files are getting upladed to the "kolab freebusy"
directory.  I still can't read the info from them when I try to set up a

I'm not asking for any additional help just yet. I just wanted to clear this

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> Subject: [SPAM] RE: Kolab, Toltec Connector and Outlook 98
> Dear Delmer Wells,
> > The big problem I have is when I try to schedule a meeting
> > and I select users I do not get their calendar information
> > when I check their availability. I suspect this has something
> > to do with the lack of a URL for Free/Busy info.  In Outlook,
> > when I go to Calendar Preferences and the Free/Busy section
> > there is no space available for a URL
> > (Tools|Options|Preferences|Calendar Options).  Per the
> > Microsoft Knowledgebase, the Free/Busy feature is available
> > in Internet Mail Only mode for Outlook; the Toltec Connector
> > doesn't like this.
> >
> > I've got a fair amount of time in this project and may be
> > missing something simple.  Is anyone using Outlook 98
> > successfully with Kolab?  Do you have any suggestions?
> This is the first time this has been brought to our attention. The Toltec
> Connector needs to be in CW mode only for creating the initial message
> store. Is it possible for you to switch Outlook 98 from CW to IMO in the
> interface. If yes give that a try if no please contact me again.
> Regards
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