Kolab, Toltec Connector and Outlook 98

Delmer Wells delmerw at vanner.com
Wed May 26 22:41:10 CEST 2004

I've installed Kolab Version cf-1.0.4 using RPMs on RedHat 9. I used the
instructions from the Erfrakon.de site. I am using the trial of the Toltec
connector with Outlook 98.  I've installed the MS Web Publishing Wizard and
the LDAP Directory Service for Outlook. I also installed Net Folders (from
the Outlook 98 set-up) after things didn't work initially.

Outlook 98 is configured in Corporate/Workgroup mode.  In Internet Mail Only
mode I get a message from the Toltec Connector that C/W mode is needed.

I am able to search for and find Address entries in the Address Book via the
LDAP Service. I find the address I've entered into Kolab using the Web

I have shared calendars from one user to another -- they show up in the
Outlook Folder List a separate folder.  The Calendar for the user Elvis
Presley with an E-mail address of elvisp at vanner.com shows up as:

I have been able to add/edit calendars from one user to another.

(I was able to do the above prior to installing Net Folders.)

The big problem I have is when I try to schedule a meeting and I select
users I do not get their calendar information when I check their
availability. I suspect this has something to do with the lack of a URL for
Free/Busy info.  In Outlook, when I go to Calendar Preferences and the
Free/Busy section there is no space available for a URL
(Tools|Options|Preferences|Calendar Options).  Per the Microsoft
Knowledgebase, the Free/Busy feature is available in Internet Mail Only mode
for Outlook; the Toltec Connector doesn't like this.

I've got a fair amount of time in this project and may be missing something
simple.  Is anyone using Outlook 98 successfully with Kolab?  Do you have
any suggestions?

Thank you for your help.

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