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Denis Croombs denis at just-servers.co.uk
Mon May 24 17:14:00 CEST 2004

Thanks for that, the error I am now getting is:-

May 24 16:07:04 office <warning> postfix/smtp[8622]: warning: host office.testsite.co.uk[] replied to HELO/EHLO w
ith my own hostname office.testsite.co.uk
May 24 16:07:04 office <info> postfix/smtp[8622]: 8C236A3C004: to=<nic at office.testsite.co.uk>, relay=office.testsite.co.uk[2], delay=0, status=bounced (mail for office.testsite.co.uk loops back to myself)

My .fechmailrc file looks like this:-

poll just-servers.co.uk
        proto pop3
        via mail.just-servers.co.uk
        user "nic.testsite.co.uk"
        pass "xxxxxxxxxxxx"
        is nic at office.testsite.co.uk
believe this is correct ?



  I had a problem with fetchmail too!  Have you set-up fetchmail to send to username at hostname where username is the UID you gave them in the LDAP users, and hostname is the hostname for your server.

  e.g. my UID is stephenh and my server's hostname is srvcht02.chertsey.dnsalias.net so my entry in my .fetchmailrc file is:
  user 's.hind' there with password '*********' is 'stephenh at srvcht02.chertsey.dnsalias.net' here options fetchall

  Hope this helps

  Stephen Hind
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