Kolab & Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0

Denis Croombs denis at just-servers.co.uk
Mon May 24 16:08:34 CEST 2004

> > I am having great trouble getting Kolab to run on Red Hat Enterprise
> > Linux 3.0, I have tried ZFOS (bin version for RHel3) and from
> > source(using the QIM), ...
> >
> what exactly is the problem - install, build, setup, starting up the
> daemons, logging into the web admin interface ... ?

I main problems have been with the system accepting mail downloaded using

I got Outlook to work with th TOLTEC connector and POP3/SMTP at one point,
but in trying to sort the fetchmail I have now had to start again.

I have since then have tried re-installing kolab again both using ZFOS &
source and am about to do a ZFOS install again (after 1 week I may just have
to give up after this one)

I have installed MANY e-mail servers with POP3/SMTP before with no major
problems, but KOLAB has me stumped, I think I MUST be missing something
along the way or it just does not Like Red Hat Enterprise !

one transcript follwoing 1 re-install is below:-

[root at rdcredits root]# /kolab/etc/kolab/kolab_bootstrap -b


Please enter Hostname [rdcredits]:office.testsite.co.uk
proceeding with Hostname office.testsite.co.uk
Please enter your Maildomain [testsite.co.uk]:
proceeding with Maildomain testsite.co.uk
prepare LDAP database...
kill running slapd (if any)
OpenPKG: stop: openldap.
OpenPKG: stop: openldap.
temporarily start slapd
no dc=office,dc=testsite,dc=co,dc=uk object found, creating one
no kolab config object in ldap, generating a reasonable default
LDAP setup finished

Create initial config files for postfix, apache, proftpd, cyrus imap,
 running /kolab/etc/kolab/kolab -v -o -lldap://
NOTE: USE OF THIS SCRIPT IS DEPRECATED. Please use `/kolab/sbin/kolabconf'
in the future.
kolabconf - Kolab Configuration Generator

  Copyright (c) 2003  Code Fusion cc
  Copyright (c) 2003  Tassilo Erlewein, Martin Konold, Achim Frank

This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO
OpenPKG: restart: openldap.
/kolab/sbin/apachectl graceful: httpd not running, trying to start
[Mon May 24 09:25:48 2004] [alert] apache: Could not determine the server's
fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName
/kolab/sbin/apachectl graceful: httpd could not be started
postfix/postfix-script: refreshing the Postfix mail system
OpenPKG: restart: imapd.
OpenPKG: stop: proftpd.

kill temporary slapd

OpenPKG: stop: openldap.
generate self-signed certificate for hostname office.testsite.co.uk... done
New certificate has been installed under /kolab/etc/kolab/
kolab should now be ready to run
please run '/kolab/etc/rc all start'
[root at rdcredits root]# /kolab/etc/rc all start
OpenPKG: start: openldap, sasl, apache:FAILED
openpkg:rc:WARNING: /kolab:apache:%start: failed with return code 1
| [Mon May 24 09:26:28 2004] [alert] apache: Could not determine the
server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName
| /tmp/rc-20040524092627-8476/rc.tmp: line 137: return: can only `return'
from a function or sourced script
OpenPKG: start: imapd, openpkg, postfix, proftpd:FAILED
openpkg:rc:WARNING: /kolab:proftpd:%start: failed with return code 1
|  - getaddrinfo 'rdcredits' error: Name or service not known
|  - error: unable to determine IP address of 'rdcredits'
|  - error: no valid servers configured
|  - Fatal: error processing configuration file
OpenPKG: start: kolab.



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