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Stephen Hind s.hind at
Fri May 14 15:28:57 CEST 2004

I don't know what version of Kolab I use, but this is what happens:

When I add a user with username = johnsmith the the UID in LDAP is set to
johnsmith and the mail is set to johnsmith also.  This means when you use a
client that auto-completes addresses for you from an LDAP directory, the
address it retrieves is not johnsmith at domain, but just johnsmith.  So when
you try to send this mail it bounces it!

If you manually type in the full address with domain then the message
successfully gets delivered.

If you add a new user with the domain as part of their UID then you cant'
deliver mail to them at all, but the auto-complete address from LDAP would
be the correct address.

Is there a solution to this problem (change one of the script files to make
mail=username at domain for instance, when you add a new user. )

Can I edit the mail entry in LDAP to pull back the correct address?

Stephen Hind
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