Kolab not sending External Mails

Jon Bendtsen jon at kollegiegaarden.dk
Wed May 12 12:36:15 CEST 2004

Den 12. maj 2004, kl. 11:47, skrev Stephen Hind:

> I have successfully installed and configured Kolab on Mandrake 10.0 
> Official.
> I can send and receive mails/appointments using Outlook and the 
> Toltech connector to other Kolab users.  I cannot, however, send mail 
> to other internet email addresses.  I do not get anything bounced 
> back, just nothing arrives at the intended recipient.

they must be in a que. Does the machine have a dnsserver it can use for 
lookups ?
Does it arrive ANYWHERE ?

> Can anyone help?
> Also I wish to use fetchmail to get out internet email into the kolab 
> server, as it may be difficult to get the kolab box available on the 
> internet.  Has anyone done this?  If so can you give me a hint where 
> to start?

yes i use fetchmail to pull down email for my kolab server. However i 
only pull down one user, which
is much easier. I have however used fetchmail with success to pull down 
multidrop pop3 boxes.

You _NEED_ the external server to write the envelope in a header. That 
way you can
deliver the mail to the correct local user. Sometimes the envelope 
header information
has the domain, or something else as a prefix or suffix, that has to be 
removed. Fetchmail
calls that qvirtual, probably because it is from qmail.

if you dont get this information you can not use multi drop.

there are other posibilities for getting the email down to you.

you _CAN NOT_ use the To: header, because that might contain a 
nonlocaluser, like
the email i replied to here, the To: header said 
"kolab-users at kolab.org" not my email
address. Likewise if an external customer sends a mail to you, and cc's 
your boss.
fetchmail (based on the to: header) would deliver that email twice to 
you and never to
your boss. Multidrop fetchmail has alot of posibilities for going 
wrong, but it also has


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