Mailstore on NFS.

Tom Hibbert tom at
Mon Jun 14 00:42:13 CEST 2004

Cyrus replication is done through Cyrus Murder. It would be a cool idea to implement this in Kolab along with LDAP replication.

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On Friday 11 June 2004 18:28, Paul Gargan wrote:
> Bo Thorsen wrote:
> >>>If not, is there any Cyrus-compatible way to access a remote spool?
> >>
> >>Other remote file systems like AFS might work, you would need to
> >>hunt around for the information.
> Our NetApp filer only offers NFS and CIFS. AFS is not an option.
> My original tests were performed using a Linux box (2.4 kernel) as the
> NFS server. Things seem to work OK using the NetApp as the NFS server,
> but we have yet to stress-test it.
> > Or change it around, so the cyrus spool dir is exported instead of
> > nfs mounted.
> We want to guard against the possibility of the server dying. The idea
> is that we have the spool on the NetApp, shared via NFS, and mounted by
> the Kolab server. If the machine running Kolab dies, we simply drop in
> a new one and point it at the network share. That's the theory, anyway.
> Having the spool on the NetApp also makes backup easier.

I think cyrus can do IMAP replication to a backup server, but I don't 
remember where I saw that or how to do it. But it might be a possible 
solution if you can google your way to an answer.



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