Recompiling apache and php for webclient use

Andreas Gungl Andreas.Gungl at
Fri Dec 17 08:27:12 CET 2004

Am Freitag, 17. Dezember 2004 01:41 schrieb Zachariah Mully:
> I found that the directions for installing the webclient were rather
> vague, in particular, as to how to compile a new apache binary with the
> proper DB support as Horde requires. Now I would not have had a problem
> with this normally, but I'm still learning the openpkg system and I
> wanted to recompile it within the openpkg system, so if this is obvious
> to others, excuse my newb-ness with yet another package system.  I am
> running this all on Debian stable.
> [..]

All I do is adding two lines to obmtool.conf:

+  @install ${loc}mysql-4.0.20-2.1.0
    @install ${altloc}apache-1.3.31-2.2.1_kolab \
        --with=mod_auth_ldap \
        --with=mod_dav \
        --with=mod_php \
        --with=mod_php_zlib \
        --with=mod_php_gdbm \
        --with=mod_php_gettext \
        --with=mod_php_imap \
        --with=mod_php_openldap \
        --with=mod_php_xml \
        --with=mod_php_dom \
+      --with=mod_php_mysql \

That might be problematic with newer Horde sources. Once I had to install 
Console_Getopt (from PEAR).
Can someone comment on the neccesity of all the described tweaks in the 
provious posting?


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