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Henning Holtschneider henning at loca.net
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On Tuesday 13 July 2004 22:10, Martin Konold wrote:

> > > when they don't have their Outlook running. As the
> > > mails are transfered to the IMAP inbox of each user I don't
> > > really understand this restriction. Is there any way to show
> > > new mails of other users when they don't have their Outlook open?
> >
> > None that I can think off, sorry.
> Well, if this is a limitation on the special folder INBOX and/or OL/Toltec
> then any other folder can be "abused" using server side scripting.

The problem is twofold:

1. Toltec Connector will ignore all messages on the server which haven't been 
created by Toltec Connector. This is a feature, not a bug, and it's there to 
prevent Toltec Connector from accidentally deleting mailbox content created 
by other clients (plain IMAP clients, Sieve rules).

2. At the moment, Toltec Connector can only save message bodies on the server 
using Microsoft's TNEF format.

Combine 1. and 2. and you see why you can not simply open someone else's 
mailbox ...

I hope this behaviour can/will be changed once Toltec Connector uses native 
Kolab/RFC compliant message body formats on the server ;-)

Henning Holtschneider

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