Question: Individual annotations vs One large annotation (conceptual riddle for the interested)

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> On Tuesday 11 October 2011 11.35:31 Gunnar Wrobel wrote:
>> The sub-folder approach is certainly not the best approach. But what
>> would be the problem of storing private annotations in your own
>> configuration folder?
> I think this is a misunderstanding.
> Jeroen pointed out a complication that would be the logical consequence of no
> longer using annotations in Kolab, and pointed out how suboptimal that would
> be - so in fact the two of you agree on this point, it seems.

I'm not a fan of abolishing annotations completely either. But I would  
like to be able to make them optional for some of the central  
annotations (such as the "folder-type"). With the current Kolab format  
specification users are unable to move their Kolab data to any IMAP  
provider they choose. KEP#9 would however allow to optionally replace  
some annotations with XML objects and this would allow moving your own  
data about anywhere. Even if the use of annotations/metadata will get  
more common in the future I doubt that providers such as Google mail  
will ever adopt them.

Locking the users to Kolab specific vendors is something I wouldn't  
really fancy. The "NoSQL" nature of the Kolab format plus the fact  
that it allows users to access their data via IMAP and thus provides  
them with many liberties is something I consider very important.

I thought Jeroen disagreed with Bernhard on using KEP#9 for allowing  
to store stuff we currently have in annotations in XML objects. But  
that was probably not the main issue but rather the question of  
abolishing annotations completely. The latter is something I also  
don't want as I consider them useful in many situations.



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