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Zitat von "Georg C. F. Greve" <greve at>:

> On Tuesday 23 November 2010 11.22:56 Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab  
> Systems) wrote:
>> Not necessarily; Updating the HTML formatted body may not necessarily
>> require the formatted body be updated in HTML... it might be updated in
>> plaintext, partially negating the purpose of storing HTML in the first
>> place.
> But how would a client update something it cannot parse in the first  
> place? How
> would it know what to modify, and in which way?


I'm certain one can find ways to make this work but I'm also pretty  
certain that we'd see some "less-than-clean" implementations of the  
feature and the result will be additional client incompatibilities.

> So it would always need to be able to parse HTML fully, and either offer
> editing in HTML, so it can then translate to plaintext to overwrite both, or
> know which part of the plain text that was edited corresponds to  
> which part of
> the HTML and modify it accordingly. That's not so trivial.
> It is not clear what the advantage would be of being able to parse HTML fully
> and have life matching of plain to HTML, but then only modify in plain text.
> That's why this seemed to imply a de-facto "HTML only" policy.
>> The real problem arises with non-readable content like PDF... there's no
>> way  one can replace those contents with plaintext... and still have it be
>> a PDF.
> True. But PDFs are attachments, and those are possible in any format,
> including web pages & HTML information, and clients are free to  
> ignore them if
> they do not understand them.
> Shawn's proposal - as I understood it - was to allow HTML markup in the
> regular body fields, with all the obvious advantages that would bring. The
> question is therefore whether a way can be found to deal with the
> disadvantages it would bring.

Let me add one problem to the list: I think Kontact already uses HTML  
markup (or was it RTF?) in the plain text fields. As far as I know one  
can use formatted notes within Kontact and I remember these were  
looking horrible in Horde :)

I'm really in favor of keeping to plain-text. Anything styled should  
simply go into the attachments.



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