UPDATE: KEP 2: Modification of datetime: store local time, add 'tz' attribute (revision #10743)

Andrew McMillan andrew at morphoss.com
Fri Dec 24 06:51:53 CET 2010

On Thu, 2010-12-23 at 14:19 +0200, Joon Radley wrote:
> Hi Georg,
> > What can/do you pass on to Outlook, and how is it treated?
> All time in Outlook is stored in UTC. Newer version has a field for
> time zone where they preserve the time zone from iCalendar requests,
> but from what I can see it is never used in calculations.
> > I'm wondering whether you aren't already doing what the KEP
> requests 
> > implicitly, because I didn't hear reports of events jumping one hour
> between 
> > standard and DST for Outlook with Toltec.
> This cannot be as we just use UTC and Outlook uses the locale
> information to calculate from and to UTC.

Hi Joon,

Perhaps I have misunderstood, but you appear to be saying that the way
that Toltec uses Outlook means that it is not possible to schedule
recurring events correctly for a locale that uses DST.

Are there other ways to use Outlook which do make it possible to
schedule recurring events correctly for locales with DST?

Should the proposal be reworded in some way which means you can use an
alternative approach which will work?

I don't think it is reasonable to criticise the proposal to say "but we
can't implement that because we depend on X" unless you can provide an
alternative approach which will also achieve the desired goal.

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