event XML 1.1 (fix recurrances)

Joon Radley joon at radleys.co.za
Wed Feb 7 13:56:27 CET 2007

Hi Martin,

At this junction I do not have the time to investigate the event object in
full or work out how to huge number of existing users to the new format.

My project plan is filled to the end of March and only then will I be able
to do the investigation, planning and implementation of the changes. The
migration is a major undertaking and I needs to be worked out to the very
last detail. I do understand that migration is not a big issue to you, but
for us it is.

If you feel that there is just no way you can wait, please define the sub
events in the root of the object so that they stay preserved by Toltec.
Should you feel that this is also not acceptable, please make a clear branch
in the Kontact Kolab-XML support so that I can recommend my customers to use
that last branch.

Best Regards

Joon Radley
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> Am Mittwoch 31 Januar 2007 schrieb Joon Radley:
> Hi Joon,
> > > techniques like attachments to store the changes. I do not see why
> that
> > > should make it impossible to reliably convert between OL and Kolab-
> XML.
> >
> > This is the information I have in my documentation and as the
> developer who
> > did the initial investigation for us no longer works for us, I will
> have a
> > look again at the recurrence object.
> I am planning to prepare the required changes soon. Do you have any
> updates or
> comments?
> Regards,
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