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David Faure dfaure at klaralvdalens-datakonsult.se
Thu Oct 21 16:54:41 CEST 2004

On Thursday 21 October 2004 07:13, Martin Konold wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2004 15:01 schrieb David Faure:
> Hi,
> > It's not - see Bo's mails about members of his family sharing the same
> > email address.
> From the point of view of Kolab this makes imho not much sense. With Kolab 
> every person/account has a unique email address. 

That is true, but someone's contacts are not all on the kolab server.
So those contacts don't follow the "email is unique" rule.

> If like in the case of Bo's family some people are sharing a single email 
> address (imho not really required with modern technology as email addresses 
> are really cheap) they have in the Kolab modelling concept to be treated like 
> a single entity.

*If* they were kolab users. But they're not. I can be a kolab user, and send mail
to my parents, which are not. And my parents share the same email address.

> On the other hand the usage of the additional proprty display name does _hurt_ 
> for the simple reason that we _intentionally_ allow the changing of the users 
> name while we dissallow the changing of the primary email address.

Yes, so this simply means the display-name should be used to disambiguate
if multiple matches are found for a given email, but if no contact has that
display-name, we still pick the (first) one with that email.
So the display-name is just a hint.
I'll fix my code accordingly now :)

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