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Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Thu Oct 7 16:29:12 CEST 2004

In the train on the 4th I could browse the full kolab-format spec.
Here are a couple of remarks, somebody who implements
this should be the keeper of the scrolls. (David?)

section 1.2. XML format description:
misses a "version" attribute which is
there in later examples like Chapter 5. Format Of Notes.
Proposed fix: add <type version=""> and a description...

2.1. IMAP requirements

It says:
     The INBOX will have the IMAP resource subfolders (like we do today in the clients),
This seems to be not very precise, especially the part in brackets.
Proposed fix: elaborate a bit and/or reference another document

later in the same section:  
    there should be prefixed with k for KMail, h for Horde and o for Outlook

Should this be "k-" and "h-" or so, because this is how it is done in the 

    This is all quite restricted, but this is the only way Outlook can do it...
This does not seem to be a good and correct statement to make,
because both client worlds clash here, not this is not the fault of one alone.
Proposed fix: Remove the paragraph.

4.1. Common In All Types
	shouldn't we describe further what could be an UID,
string would also allow newlines and spaces and we probably do not
want them in the UID. Or do we?

Proposed fix: Describe more rules for "uid", beyond string.

    The categories is a comma separated list.
What did that sentence want to say?
Proposed fix: Rephrase.

4.2. Common In Tasks and Events
It says:
     In the case of a all days event (floating event) ...
(Beside the typo "a" -> "an") how to we distinquish 
between a "floating" and a 24 h event?

4.2.1. Recurrence

The strings "Daily", "Weekly" habe a capital letter, but they 
are probably meant lower case. Tag names are case sensitive
says 1.2, but does this also hold for the list of possible attribute values
and the attribute names itself?
Proposed fix: Add statement about case sensiticity to 1.2 and 
write Daily as "daily" if it was meant lower case.
Also with Weekly, Montyly and Yearly.

4.2.3 Examples

It might be good to have one example with attendees,
there is none.

5. Format of Notes
There is no reference to 4.1 Common In all Types.
This is the same with 6., 7., 8. and  9.
If we have a common field section, there is no need to specify
it several times. 

Also <product> seems to be missing from 9.
which is in 4.1.

6. Format Of Contacts
beside the issues mentioned under 5.
It would be interesting to add how many addresses of which
type need to be displayed at least to the user to be compliant.

8. Format Of Events
This seems to be a largely duplication of Chaper 4.2.

We also need to specify somewhere how a categories
of "personal" will be handled as this would be interesting
for freebusy list creation. So maybe we need a few fixed
categories that can get translated.

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