"Last action" fields

David Faure dfaure at klaralvdalens-datakonsult.se
Fri Oct 1 17:40:11 CEST 2004

On IRC today we discussed the fact that Outlook needs some "last action" fields, which we
modelled as

        <last-action>(invitation-sent, update-sent, or not present)</last-action>
        <last-action-date>(date or datetime, default not present)</start-date>
        <last-action-recipients> { <smtp-address>(string)</smtp-address> } </last-action-recipients>

<sect2><title>Last Action</title></sect2>
<para>The last action taken by the user on a given event can be "invitation-sent"
(when the initial invitation was sent), or "update-sent" when an update was sent.
The last-action-date tag stores the date and time when this last round of emails was
sent, and the list of email addresses in last-action-recipients tells who received
those mails. This makes it possible to notice, when adding a new attendee, that
we only need to send mail to that attendee.</para>

However this, alone, doesn't seem to me that it will be useful.
If you
A1) add a new attendee, and check the last-action-recipients list to see that
everyone else got their invitation already, OK, you can mail that attendee alone.

But if you
B1) change the location of the event, but don't send the mail yet
B2) add a new attendee, the same code as in A1 is going to send a mail
to the new attendee only. Is that OK? Shouldn't the user have a way to
flush all pending changes, i.e. inform everyone about the new location?

I'm sure there are plenty of other cases to think about (including removing and
then re-adding someone, etc.)

It seems to me that optimizations like "only mailing the new attendee" can only be
done if there is a way to compare the current revision number of the event
with the revision number that it had when the last action was done. Then we can
be sure no other change is pending.

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