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Bo Thorsen bo at sonofthor.dk
Fri Jun 18 15:57:34 CEST 2004

Hi all,

Reinhold just found an omission in the spec:

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Subject: Re: Kolab storage format specification
Date: Friday 18 June 2004 15:53
From: Bo Thorsen <bo at sonofthor.dk>
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On Friday 18 June 2004 01:19, Reinhold Kainhofer wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 15. Juni 2004 16:11 schrieb Bo Thorsen:
> > To be able to work on the same data in all Kolab clients, we have
> > been working on a format for the storage. The people involved in this
> > have been the people behind the Kolab server, the Toltec Outlook
> > connector, and the Horde and KDE (Kontact) clients.
> >
> > It's still an early draft, so expect changes in it.
> Sorry to be a PITA...
> Another question: If you have recurring todos, some of which are marked
> done (thus they have to be separated), the rfc says that the separated
> incidences will have the original start/due date/time, and the actual
> date of its occurence will be governed by the RECURRENCE-ID tag and the
> SEQUENCE. That was not yet implemented in libkcal, but I think bram is
> thinking about how to best implement that.
> How do you want to handle such todos with your spec?

This is one of the cases we will have to add, and it will likely not be
the last. That's not a huge problem, since it's not yet public and can be
changed easily.

Thanks for the heads up on it, I will forward it to the format discussion
list. If you or Bram has any preference on how it should be done best, I
would love to hear it. Otherwise we will figure out a way.



Any ideas?



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