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On 13-11-21 12:02 PM, Troy Carpenter wrote:
> I had something similar recently.  I was able to connect to the daemon, but
> Kolab and Roundcube had issues.  From memory, Kolab said it couldn't
> retrieve the scripts, while Roundcube complained about not connecting to the
> server.
> 1. Check to make sure the /var/lib/imap/sieve directory exists and has what
> you would expect below that ("domain/<letter>/<domainname>").
> 2. Check permissions (on my system that's 700) and ownership (cyrus:mail).

Thanks Troy.

You are right, it doesn't have that folder structure under sieve directory.

Maybe it is a bug then?

Anyone have ideas on when this should be created?



I am running CentOS 6.4 with Kolab Enterprise.

It seems the Sieve folder doesn't get correctly setup.

Can anyone point me to the script that is supposed to configure the directory?

Should I file a bug?



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