[Kolab-devel] calendar events removed from my phone

alan canistel canistel at gmail.com
Fri Nov 22 01:20:22 CET 2013

Help! Roundcube is eating the calendar on my phone!  :)

First off, I'm very impressed with this whole system. I have Kontact
running on two machines, roundcube on another, and my phone is wired in
too... The roundcube interface is beautifully extended to provide the
calendar and a few other goodies, kontact works slick; a very, very nice
alternative to exchange (though I will admit that the debian 7.0
installation was a little rocky; a few permissions and wrong links /
directory's / missing plugins etc., but I did get that all sorted out
thanks to google)

The only problem is that if I open roundcube, then after a bit (minutes)
the events in the calendar in roundcube disappear, and they also are
removed from my phone (but not in Kontact nor in the imap/folder itself;
all the events are still sitting in the imap calendar folder). I haven't
figured it out exactly what the trigger is, but basically roundcube (if
opened and I believe left open for a little bit) will eventually eat my
calendar on my phone; all the events disappear, until I add another event
on my phone at which point they all come back. But then if roundcube is
open, they all go away again after a little bit...

Almost as if roundcube is clearing the wrong row in a cache somewhere...
It's what the behaviour I noticed best describes, roundcube is likely
updating it's interface and clears out a cache that is meant for my phone
instead (but I say that without knowing the code / database)

This behaviour happens on my blackberry 10 phone, and an android phone that
I tested as well; I used both samsung calendar and something called
"Touchdown", but they both had the same issue (and actually on the samsung
calendar they never ever came back). So I have to believe that this is a
server (or roundcube) issue and not a client / phone issue.

Can anybody help me out? Any ideas?
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