[Kolab-devel] Missing version tags in git, missing releases, missing release notes

Aeneas Jaißle aj at ajaissle.de
Thu Nov 21 13:29:23 CET 2013

Hi people,

three things that kind of bother me sometimes:

1) I often find version tags missing when browsing git.kolab.org.
See for example libkolabxml:

libkolabxml-0.8: last tag was 0.8.4 (2013-04-11), but on 2013-10-28 there was 
a version bump to 0.8.5.

master: last tag was 0.8.1 (2012-08-15), but current version in git is at 
least 1.0.1.

2) Release sources are missing (I'm talking about a downloadable tar.gz of a 
defined version):
  a) Releases get announced on an irregular basis, skipping some versions. I 
can't remember if pykolab-0.5.15 was announced, but it's the only 0.5 version 
after 0.5.12 that is on mirror.kolabsys.com. Versions 0.5.13 and 0.5.14 are 
missing here, bur present on git.kolab.org.
  b) A while ago, there was a release on mirror.kolabsys.com, but not on 
git.kolab.org - there was no snapshot created.
  So -  where to look for new releases? How to monitor for new releases?

3) Release notes are missing or not up-to-date. A little text with build- and 
runtime dependencies, recent changes and known issues would be appreciated :)
  (I for example do not yet know if there are incompatibilities between 
libkolabxml 0.8.5 and 1.0.1 - I'd have to build all packages using libkolabxml 
1.0.1 and test my environments for dysfunctions)

Can we do anything about this?

Aeneas Jaißle » e: aj at ajaissle.de
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