[Kolab-devel] Submitting changes to pykolab

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Mon Nov 18 14:28:19 CET 2013


I was looking around to see if there was any kind of guide to submitting 
changes to the actual Kolab software, as opposed to the packaging, but I 
didn't find anything immediately.

I decided to clone pykolab from git.kolab.org and to make some initially 
trivial changes, with the idea that I might then continue on this path, but 
what is the workflow involved in submitting them back to the project? Should I 
mail my patches somewhere, publish them somewhere (for pulling by the core 
developers), request push privileges, or something else?

I hope I didn't miss an obvious document describing such matters!


P.S. My initial trivial commit would be to change the old licence boilerplate 
to the FSF-recommended text, but having looked at setup-kolab recently, there 
are probably some other trivial to not-so-trivial changes that would 
eventually be made, too.

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