[Kolab-devel] Debian packages - where to commit changes - dependencies

Jan Kowalsky tuxus at notraces.net
Fri Nov 8 20:34:39 CET 2013

Hi Timotheus,

First: great, with the actual nightly builds I was able to set up kolab 31 on 
two separate servers - one only for ldap and another for imap/mta/roundcube 
and most thinks work fine - including file and addressbook now (with some minor 

There are still some problems with dependencies not installed if you don't 
install the whole kolab metapackage. So it's still a little tricky for 
distributed installation.

I'd like to help improving the packages with their dependencies for a 
distributed setup - and have still some questions how the process works. Sorry 
I'm making my first steps and still (and I'm afraid also in the future) have 
very little knowlede about package building and obs so please apologize my 

For example: I added one dependency to pykolab debian package (libpython2.7). 
For this I only changed the debian.control. Maybe the problem is the same for 
other distributions? What to do in this case? Are the dependencies managed at 
a central place or separately for each distribution? What would be helpfull to 

Because there where newer packages than the Kolab:Development in your nightly 
repos I branched your repo, made the change and submitted it (you've propably 
seen the request). Does this make sense? I've tested it with the nightly 

Or do I have to commit it against the Kolab:Development for not loose the 
changes in the release? But where the rules for the nightly builds come from? 
Are they all equal to the Kolab:Development only with the difference of newer 
source code?

A lot of questions ....

Thanks and regards


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