[Kolab-devel] Accessing contacts from roundcube cli

Andrzej Kwiatkowski andrzej.kwiatkowski at gmail.com
Mon Aug 5 15:56:11 CEST 2013


I need to write cmd tool to access kolab adressbook from cli.

Script looks like:

require_once INSTALL_PATH.'program/include/clisetup.php';

$RCMAIL = rcmail::get_instance();

$RCMAIL->login($user, $pass, $host = null, $cookiecheck = false);


$RCMAIL->plugins->init($RCMAIL, $RCMAIL->task);
array()), array('filesystem_attachments', 'jqueryui'));

Now i would like to list address sources
so i try to do:

$ka=new kolab_addressbook(null);

print_r($ka->get_address_sources()); - line 107

But this gives me:
PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method
kolab_addressbook::get_address_sources() in abook.php on line 107

when i add $ka->init(); before line 107 i got:

HP Fatal error:  Call to a member function load_plugin() on a non-object
in /program/lib/Roundcube/rcube_plugin.php on line 102

Have aby idea?


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