[Kolab-devel] [issue4613] Roundup needs milestones

Christoph Wickert issues at kolab.org
Mon Oct 11 16:04:29 CEST 2010

Taken from http://wiki.kolab.org/Requirements_of_an_Issue_Tracker#Milestones

Bugs must target a certain milestone, say "Kolab-2.3" or "Kolab-3". This is
especially important for paying customers, they want a reliable information
about when the bug is going to be addressed. It is becoming worse due to the
lack of dependencies (see above).

Milestones aid in postponing issues against a certain milestone, as well as give
concise "todo"-queues for the people working on the product's components.
Milestones can then also be aligned with proper, pragmatic source code management.

assignedto: thomas
keyword: roundup
messages: 26802
nosy: bernhard, jmeeuwen, thomas, wickert, wilde
status: unread
title: Roundup needs milestones

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