[Kolab-devel] [issue4606] Roundup needs to track dependencies

Christoph Wickert issues at kolab.org
Mon Oct 11 15:49:01 CEST 2010

Taken from http://wiki.kolab.org/Requirements_of_an_Issue_Tracker#Dependencies

As you have seen in issue 4481 we often have issues which are related to others.
ATM these issues are just mentioned somewhere in the messages, but there is no
way do build dependencies like Bug A can only be closed if Bug B (and possibly
C, which depends on D) is fixed. This makes is very hard to approach problems in
a meaningful order.

    I'll add a "depends on" field, similar to superseder, and add a detector to
prevent status to be done-cbb/resolved if the dependant issues are not
    ThomasAH 11:22, 6 October 2010 (UTC) 

        Are notifications being sent to the people on CC: on a bug blocked by
the bug being closed? 
        Kanarip 00:31, October 6 2010 (UTC) 

        Are people CC:'ed on the tracker / blocked bug automatically put in CC:
for the bugs tracked/blocking? 
        Kanarip 00:31, October 6 2010 (UTC)

assignedto: thomas
keyword: roundup
messages: 26794
nosy: bernhard, jmeeuwen, thomas, wickert, wilde
priority: critical
status: unread
title: Roundup needs to track dependencies

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