[Kolab-devel] Alternative mailbox login

Stefan Kunz stkunz at web.de
Thu Sep 10 21:33:36 CEST 2009

Hi Gunnar,

i have add manually a new user in the ldap. This user can authenticate via saslauth, but cyrus doesn't find the mailbox, because i have not defined mail attribute in the new ldap entry.
My problem is that the mail attribute in ldap must be unique, else no success authentication is possible.
I tried something with ldap_filter in saslauth.conf though without success.
Apparently cyrus read the mail attribute from ldap to find the mailbox.

Cyrus passes the e-mail-address to saslauth, when the mail attribute is found. So the parameter %u, %r in ldap_filter have the value viz the e-mail-adress. So it is difficult, the correct ldap entry filtered to authenticate.

Have you any tip for me, how cyrus find the mailbox from another ldap attribute, so the same mailbox open with two different usernames bzw. passwords.



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