[Kolab-devel] z-push Kolab backend

Alain abbas alain.abbas at libertech.fr
Sat Oct 31 00:08:55 CET 2009

hi Gunnar

I had iphone problems that i resolved today ( problem with folder by 
default when i wrote a contact  on the iphone  and when there are shared 
i will publish the code e in the trunk for the 0.2 thursday  im busy before)
this code a these features :
- Annotation detection for default Contacts folder and default Calendar 
( for the moment with the standard imap library  )
- Shared folders Contacts on the iphone
- for the moment annotation code is ugly but we will migrate on the 
Kolab_Storage Library

Must to test and not tested now :
-Mobile Windows ( i ve got just a HTC with an old Windows mobile Version)
- Blackbery with a third software for Exchange connexion

bugs that i noticed for the 0.2
- performance with shared Calendar ( due to the cutOffdate that is not 
implemented )
- display bug with users shared folders in Calendar and Contacts ( 
displayed the name of the user and not user/folder)

we have put the code on your production server this friday.

for the 0.3 i would migrate the imap library -> kolab_Storage like you 
adviced and work arround the cutOffDate that would be great
for performance when more than one Calendar would be pushed on the 
mobile (iphone)

Could you install  the trac bug and the feature request ? perhaps well , 
i let you decide you have got more experience than me .

Alain  Abbas
Regards and good week end 
Gunnar Wrobel a écrit :
> Hi Alain,
> Quoting Alain abbas <alain.abbas at libertech.fr>:
>> oops Gunnar mde the same i cancel mine
>> my sourceforge account is alain_abbas and you can add
>> ghislain_ardyna  (Libertech's developper)
> Both have been added now.
> Is v0.1 you released the most up-to-date version or did you already 
> continue development internally?
> Once you give me a sign that the most current version is checked in 
> I'd start trying to get this into Kolab packages and maybe start a 
> test suite.
> Cheers,
> Gunnar
>>  Gunnar Wrobel a écrit :
> cite=\"mid:20091029115624.63272ijfmsealckk at webmail.pardus.de\">Quoting
>> Gunnar Wrobel <wrobel at pardus.de>[1]:  Hi Alain,  considering the 
>> possible alternatives I guess placing the code on sourceforge for now 
>> is the best alternative.  So I started a new project at
>> https://sourceforge.net/projects/kolabzpush[2] Can you give me your 
>> sourceforge id so that I can add you as admin
>> there?  I checked in your v0.1 and the associated documentation in
>> "trunk".
> I forgot to mention that I will mirror the code in the "zpush" branch
> in my horde playgrount on github
> (http://github.com/wrobel/horde/tree/zpush[3]). The code    can be
> easily pushed to horde.org at a later timepoint then.
> Cheers,
> Gunnar
>> As I would like to package releases as a PEAR package named 
>> "Kolab_Zpush" it already has the basic structure with 
>> "Kolab_Zpush/lib" (for the code) and
>> "Kolab_Zpush/doc" for the docs.  Once you have access can you commit 
>> your current code? Then we
>> could  continue from there.  I cc-ed kolab-devel at kolab.org[4] and 
>> would like to continue
>> discussions  there so that people know what is happening concerning
>> Kolab and  Z-Push. One minor request: Can you use plain text mails
>> for messages  to the mailing lists? There are some people using
> mail
>> readers that  have difficulties with HTML-only mails.  Cheers,  
>> Gunnar  Quoting Alain abbas <alain.abbas at libertech.fr>[5]:  we use 
>> SVN in internal and have some
>> projets on sourceforge but i m open yes we are ok to contribute and 
>> to place the code in public.  Gunnar Wrobel a écrit : Hi Alain, if we 
>> work together on that it would be great to have a common workspace. 
>> Are you used to version control systems and if so do you
>> have a specific preference? Would it be okay for Libertech to place
>> the code in a public repository? I personally have a preference for 
>> git at the moment and I tend to choose github.com as host for new 
>> projects. Sourceforge.net would
>  be
>> a fine alternative. Another possibility might be the Horde 
>> repository. For that we'd be fixed to github.com (as I'd need to 
>> relay your commits from there to the Horde repository). It would have 
>> the advantage of getting feedback from the Horde community though and 
>> releasing the code as PEAR package for installations would be easier. 
>> You can defintiely expect me to contribute in the area of 
>> Kolab_Storage integration, package structure and unit testing. 
>> Cheers, Gunnar  Quoting Alain abbas
> href=\"mailto:alain.abbas at libertech.fr\"[6]><alain.abbas at libertech.fr>[7]: 
>> Hi yes it would be great to integrate it at Kolab.  this enchancement 
>> can resolve the moblity fonctionality  . a lot of mobile have an 
>> Exchange connector builded on and the z-push-s code is really
>  great.
>> The reason that we used imap directly is just a time dead line, i 
>> will look for to use the kolab_Storage in the next release . Alain  
>> Gunnar Wrobel a écrit :
>  cite=\"mid:20091027082719.20736z3ny1dyuckk at webmail.pardus.de\"[8]
>> type=\"cite\">Hi Alain,  Quoting Alain abbas 
>> class=\"moz-txt-link-rfc2396E\"
> href=\"mailto:alain.abbas at libertech.fr\"[9]><alain.abbas at libertech.fr>[10]: 
>> hi Phil Thanks to use our work  just disable the task in the 
>> activesync setup on the phone because for now sync task is not 
>> implemented we will release a version 0.2 soon with these 
>> enchancements : - sync multi calendars and contacts
>> on the iphone - detection of  the contacts and calendars folders by
>> the annotation imap command - some correction of bug
> This sounds really good. I looked at the code you used in 0.1 and was
> wondering if you'd be willing to collaborate on getting this
> supported
> directly in the Kolab server.
> I noticed that you do the IMAP handling directly. Is there a specific
> reason for that? You already use the Kolab_Format package for the XML
> parsing and I think using Kolab_Storage for the IMAP handling would
> make sense. Especially since you get caching of the Kolab objects
> that
> way. Accessing an IMAP folder with thousands of events or contacts
> should be significantly faster that way.
> But other than that I think it would be worth trying to get this into
> a package that can be distributed with the Kolab server. What do you
> think?
> Cheers,
> Gunnar
>> with have now arround 100 iphones, blackeberry ( with a third 
>> software) , windows mobile who sync with z-push and the kolab
>> backend without major problems and with an easy setup ( Exchange 
>> setting on the phone)   Phil Shelley a écrit : I have the Kolab 
>> backend (version
>> 0.1) working well with an i-phone 3G - Contacts (except for some missing
>>  fields and photo), calendar and e-mail all working with a Kolab 
>> 2.2.2 server.  With Windows Mobile 6.1 however, I can only get e-mail 
>> to work - Contacts and Calendar fail.  Does anyone know how to get 
>> contact
>> and  calendar working with Windows Mobile 6.x?  Thanks for a superb 
>> piece of work.  _______________________________________________ 
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