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Sascha Wilde wilde at intevation.de
Wed Nov 18 11:03:50 CET 2009

Mathieu Parent <math.parent at gmail.com> writes:
> On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 11:19 AM, Gunnar Wrobel <wrobel at pardus.de> wrote:
>> Quoting Thomas Arendsen Hein <thomas at intevation.de>:
>>> * Gunnar Wrobel <wrobel at pardus.de> [20091117 10:16]:
>>>> To fix this I think it would be sufficient if you designate a download
>>>> location on files.kolab.org where releases for these packages should be
>>>> provided as tar.gz.
>>> Maybe a folder next to ix86-debian4.0, ix86-debian5.0 and sources?
>>> Of course "sources" would be the perfect name, but this is already
>>> taken for the OpenPKG .src.rpm packages.
>>> Sascha proposed "tars" and I second that.
>> +1
> +1

On a second thought we might need at least two sub directories?

tars/kolab     # our stuff, that is: 
               # - original packages from the cvs as for example kolabd
               #   and web admin,
               # - patches to external packages (imapd, php, ...)
               # - repackaged external stuff, so heavily patched that
               #   providing patches is not useful (e.g. the webclient
               #   in the current state?  Not sure on this...)

tars/prereq    # unchanged external stuff, that is needed by Kolab
               # Server and not easy to get, like all the Horde
               # PEAR-stuff in the required versions.

Any thoughts?

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