[Kolab-devel] make kolabd more robust

Richard Bos ml at radoeka.nl
Tue Oct 14 21:03:08 CEST 2008

Op Tuesday 14 October 2008 20:50:19 schreef Alain Spineux:
> The "kolabDeleteflag" avoid kolabd to forget to delete a user.
> But for the user creation, we have no guaranty no users will not be
> forgotten by kolabd !
> The current system is based only on a _transation less_ ldap
> replication mechanism !
> This means user could be forgotten !
> We could have a kolabNewflag that will help kolabd to create mailbox
> of these "fogotten" users !
> When a user is created in IMAP, kolabd could simply remove the
> kolabNewflag key. The key was created
> a user creation by the kolabgui.
> When kolabd start or is waked up by slurp (or LDAP sync mechanism),
> then kolabd could query for
> kolabDeleteflag or kolabNewflag and update the users accordingly.
> Maybe the inverse idea could be used too, kolabd search for user not
> having the kolabCreatedflag, create the mailbox
> and then add the kolabCreatedflag key to the ldp record !
> That way the webgui dont need to be chnaged and only kolabd has to
> manage the kolabCreatedflag.

Would it help to use a different replication mechanism?  See issue 1755 (

The only thing for openpkg based kolab is to provide openldap-2.4.  After that 
you can switch to syncrepl mode, by changing in parameter in kolab.conf

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