[Kolab-devel] thomas: server/kolab-webadmin/kolab-webadmin ChangeLog, 1.88, 1.89

Richard Bos ml at radoeka.nl
Tue Mar 4 16:52:32 CET 2008

Op Tuesday 04 March 2008 15:51:05 schreef cvs at kolab.org:
> kolab-webadmin: Reverted extra spaces after the main menu entries.
> This does not look good.

I'm surprised by this remark (of course as I'm the committer of the original 
change ;) ).  To be honest I did not see a change on the web interface in the 
before and after case (commit).  As such I'm surprised by the remark "It does 
not look good".  In which browser does it not look good?  Have you tried to 
make the window smaller, and did you notice the difference between the before 
and after commit cases.  After (my) commit the page breaks much nicer....

Richard Bos
We are borrowing the world of our children,
It is not inherited from our parents.

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