[Kolab-devel] Modifying the LDAP user representation for a distributed Kolab server system?

Gunnar Wrobel wrobel at pardus.de
Tue Jul 29 11:55:20 CEST 2008

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Arendsen Hein <thomas at intevation.de> writes:

> * Gunnar Wrobel <wrobel at pardus.de> [20080729 10:19]:
>> I'd like to know if people feel it makes sense to allow for such
>> splitted Kolab server setups. As far as I can see this would require
>> additional settings comparable to "kolabHomeserver" in the LDAP schema
>> for a Kolab user. There is already "kolabHomeMTA" in the schema but it
>> is currently unused.
>> Would it make sense to add additional entries such as
>> "kolabImapServer", "kolabFreeBusyServer" etc. in the Kolab user
>> representation?
> I think splitting out virus and spam scanning yields the biggest
> benefit to reduce workload of the servers providing IMAP.

Yup. That is something I'm doing, too. I just didn't mention this at
it does not affect the users perspective as this only requires some
postfix modifications.

> I don't see how having separate IMAP and MTA for a single user could
> be useful. Of course it would be good to have a dedicated MX for
> mails coming in from the outside, but a simple Kolab slave with no
> users having this one as home server is very close to this (and
> might be the easiest solution to handle incoming virus/spam mails).

Postfix is not a very hungry app and you can easily run many users
over a single MTA (or duplicated for failover) while you might setup a
number of different IMAP backends for distributing your user storage

> I'm not sure about kolabFreeBusyServer: What's the benefit?

I don't see a specific benefit for a completely separate FreeBusy
server as described in the Horde bug I referenced. I think you'd need
a lot of users in order to make that necessary.

But once you split your Horde installation to a different Apache
server I believe it makes a lot of sense to combine FreeBusy with the
Horde installation. The newer FreeBusy code uses the same IMAP cache
as Horde does. So you can reduce the IMAP calls with this. A combined
Horde/FreeBusy server also allows you to remove the complete apache
from the main server which might be another reason for such a setup.

I think I discussed this with Bernhard once and he disagreed but I'd
have to look up the thread again.



> Regards,
> Thomas
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