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New submission from Thorsten Schnebeck <thorsten.schnebeck at gmx.net>:

(Ok, this is from an older discussion, and as I can not find it already in the 
bug tracker I createed a "new" wishlist)

This is the beginning of the thread

You cannot enter persons with identical name but different UIDs into Kolab 2.x 

And this is the result:

Martin Konold martin.konold at erfrakon.de  Tue Feb 22 00:34:25 CET 2005
> > > Why not use the UID?
> >
> > With Kolab for many reasons the dn which is created from the cn and the
> > domain is unique.
> >
> > From the dn we derive the primary email address which is _globally_
> > unique.
> >
> > So in you case you must define a globally unique email address.
> I do not understand. If I create two globally unique email address
> in "Primary Email Address" I still get this error?! I have to change "First
> name" and "Last name" to get a different e.g. "cn=Hans1 Meier" and
> "cn=Hans2 Meier"
> > > using Kolab2 :-/ It is out of question, that someone gets a counting
> > > number like hans1, hans2 in its addressbook data.
> >
> > Which is much better than non unique entries which belong to different
> > persons.
> Really? Using kio_ldap and KWord for making a serial letter I send the
> Easter greeting card to "Hans1 Meier" and "Hans2 Meier"? Sorry ,this is
> plain wrong and not neccessary. Emailaddress or UID are unique and so it is
> no problem to have hundreds of Hans Meier's, Peter Müller's and Jan
> Janssen's.

I agree with your findings. The current Kolab 2 implementation bases the dn on 
the cn. Currently the cn is composed from the firstname and lastname.

I think we shall seriously reconsider this decision for Kolab 3.

-- martin



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