[Kolab-devel] distributionlists testing

Mike Gabriel m.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de
Mon Apr 21 14:21:16 CEST 2008

hi gunnar, hi others,

Quoting Gunnar Wrobel <wrobel at pardus.de>:

> Hi Mike,
> Mike Gabriel <m.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de> writes:
>> hi gunnar,
>> i would like to test your distlist code, but i am not sure how to set
>> the jigsaw together.
>> your external-horde script + patches (which?)???
> let me commit the stuff to Horde CVS that will be easier. Give me a  
> few minutes ;)

apart from some problems with the current horde/imp CVS and the minor  
bug reported the distlist patch seems to work really fine. i would  
like to discuss a feature list around private distribution lists and  
see what is desired, what can be applicable, etc.

   o do we want to allow cross address book references in privdistlists? (userA
     in abookA and userB in abookB can both be added to distlistB in abookB or
     distlistA in abookA
   o move distlistA from abookA to abookB (including users from both abooks?)
   o how about if userA is in distlistA and userA is deleted???
   o kolab format proposal for cascaded distlists and uniquely identifiable

           <!-- Distribution-list specific fields -->
             <uid>{string, optional}</uid>
             <uid>(string, not optional)</uid>

with the kolab format change, we could discuss further issues like:

   o add people to privdistlists, that do not have an email address (yet)
   o remove contacts from an address book, but keep the contact in the
     distribution list (i know, this will be difficult with horde/turba's
     internal abook structure, but other clients like outlook support this)
   o the uid in the member tag and the distribution-list tag would make cross
     abook references much easier to handle as well, same with people having
     multiple emailaddresses

TYK: my basic intent is the following: where i am employed, people  
work with another groupware using outlook clients. i would actually  
like to avoid the next product upgrade of our groupware, but it is  
actually really due. i would be much happier to setup kolab at work,  
but the great hurdle is the - until now - rather weak private  
distribution list support in kolab clients.

for setting up kolab we will need a webmailer, that supports  
privdistlist feature and the privdistlist handling of the webmailer  
should be fully compatible to what people can do with outlook/toltec.  
outlook supports two different kinds of entries in private dist lists:  
object references vs. name+mailaddress entry.

in terms of privdistlists i favourize kolab to catch up with what  
(unfortunately) the majority of groupware (outlook) users is used to...

curious on your feedback,


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