[Kolab-devel] How to call anonymous imap folders (was: Maintainer - Kolab wiki)

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Thu Nov 29 19:34:48 CET 2007

On Thursday 29 November 2007 15:05, Richard Bos wrote:
> But why did you change "create/modify/delete shared folders"
> to "create/modify/delete (global) shared folders".  It's a bit confusion:
> to what does global refer to?  Are the folders now shared also by other
> domains? I would say shared is sufficient, adding global to it, makes it
> just confusion and inconsistent, isn't it?

We need to find a better word for the anonymous folders that a Cyrus IMAPD
can provide. The problem with the term "shared" is confusion, as any folder 
can be "shared" by just setting the right access permissions.

Because from the organisation view on the whole solution it is much better if 
regular imap accounts are used (like in Kolab users, group and resource 
accounts) to archieve "shared" folders. It means there is always a user
that is responsible for a folders.

Many users think "shared" folders and thus many admins do this, too
and they match with the wrong feature. They would often want a group account.

So how to we call the Cyrus IMAP "shared" folders in the web-admin to make a 
clear distinction and avoid the wrong "match" when admins look for a 
solution? We have tried a bit and I think 

"anonymous server folders" could be the one.

Note that you can send emails to those folders under some circumstances,
so the differences to a real account mainly is that there is no account to log 
in for them and that clients might handle this differently and sometimes 
display the IMAP namespace with "user" and "shared". 

"global" came from the idea that the only use cases are when there really 
should be a folder that all user see and thus the ability to mainly use "all" 
in the permissions. However this is also easily done by a group account 
folder, so we do not need this usecase.

What about
"accountless folders"?

"folders without account"?

"stray folders"


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