[Kolab-devel] Outlook 2003 failure while reading free/busy URL ISSUE !!!

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Thu Mar 22 14:52:23 CET 2007

Hi Nissim,

On Thursday 22 March 2007 13:34, Nissim Penias wrote:
> Here is a very important piece of information that might help us solve this
> issue:
> This is the output I am getting directly from browser when retreiving user1
> freebusy info:
> DTSTAMP:20070322T115236Z
> URL:http://mail.domain.com/freebusy/user1@domain.com.ifb
> DTSTART:20070321T220000Z DTEND:20070520T210000Z
> 20070403T123000Z/20070403T143000Z END:VFREEBUSY END:VCALENDAR

This does not look like a regular freebusy-list,
this seems to be an extended freebusy-list (aka .xfb).

Note that the line breaks are usually not displayed correctly
in a webbrowser, but this is not a problem in itself.

> Here is the original free/busy information generated by the server for
> user1 when I retrieve it manually using
> http://mail.domain.com/freebusy/user1@domain.com.ifb 

You wrote that you have "kolab 2.1 cvs with horde installation.",
if that URL you have stated is correct, that your server installation
is buggy somehow. Can you explain in detail which version you did use?
Kolab Server/OpenPKG which is supported best or a different one.
Note that using development versions (CVS) with experimental feature
can have issues like this.

You could check what you get if you access the .xfb list for a change,
e.g. using curl to have better linebreaks:
curl --insecure 
https://kolabserver.example.org/freebusy/test03@example.org.xfb --user 
test03 at example.org:passssssword

> Can some one in kolab please address this issue since I am sure other
> people will have the same problem syncronizing free/busy with outlook.

I just rechecked with my copy of Kolab Server/OpenPKG 2.1rc1 and 
using .ifb I get a real freebuys-list (which I expect Outlook will grok)
and with .xfb I get the extended freebusy-list which has similiar entries
to yours. So at least this version does not seem to be affected by the
problem you have.


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