[Kolab-devel] Python connector

Dick Kniep dick.kniep at lindix.nl
Tue Nov 28 17:44:51 CET 2006

Hi Gunnar,

Thanks for the quick response. Problem that I have is that I do not have 
htpasswd on my system (SuSE 10), and also not htpasswd2 (for apache2). I 
tried to install apache2, but no htpasswd.

But alla, we will solve that.

Name python-kolab is OK with me, we could make a shorthand pyko or something 
like that. 

Now we have to discuss the architecture. Here are my musings about that.... 
Please feel free to tell me I am uttering nonsense...

I think we have 3 main parts in the connector.
1. Connection to the Imap storage and the security issues involved there 
(think users, passwords, ldap etc)
2. Transport and interpretation of the imap parts, including XML
3. Implementation of the cache, and conversion to the formats in such a way 
that it is pythonic.

Op dinsdag 28 november 2006 15:24, schreef u:
> Dick Kniep <dick.kniep at lindix.nl> writes:
> > Thanks for your offer. To be very honest I have the same problems as you
> > have looking at my schedule. However, customers want this, so we will
> > have to provide it, and working late is not a real problem ;-)
> >
> :)
> :
> > If you could provide us with subversion, mailing list and trac that would
> > be fabulous. I don't think that it is a problem that it is under the
> > pardus.de domain.
> I did set up the repo and trac. I don't know if a mailing list is
> really necessary for the start. I guess it might be more interesting
> if this runs over the kolab-devel list at the beginning. Gives it more
> attention ;) If the traffic becomes too high one could still create a
> list under lists.pardus.de.
> > OK, how do we proceed from here?
> Please send me a htpasswd encoded password so that I can add you both
> to the svn and trac user db.
> Run something like:
> htpasswd -bc pk.pass USER PASS
> and send me the pk.pass file.
> SVN is at
> https://svn.pardus.de/python-kolab
> No anonymous access though - will that be necessary?
> And trac with the source code browser, wiki and bug db is at
> http://pyk.pardus.de/python-kolab
> Cheers,
> Gunnar

Met vriendelijke groet,

Dick Kniep
Lindix bv
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1313 NE  Almere
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fax. 036-844 1825

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