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Sun Jun 11 01:35:22 CEST 2006

New submission from Eleutherius Devitt <eleutheo at intevation.de>:


Proza uq c
ClALl bl S from o ar nly $ ad 3,7 eo 5
So hl ma
Levit po ra
VlAG xq RA from on hl ly $ vh 3,3 lw 3
VALl fo UM from onl au y $ dm 1,2 fu 1
Meri sl dia
Xana ir x
Amb hn ien

all 5 ry 0% o zf ff http://www.givoasafe.com


Hill. Now for some music! said Thorin. Bring out the instruments! 
Kili and Fili rushed for their bags and brought back little fiddles; 
Dori, Nori, and Ori brought out flutes from somewhere inside their 
coats; Bombur produced a drum from the hall; Bifur and Bofur went out 
too, and came back with clarinets that they had left among the 
walking-sticks Dwalin and Balin said: Excuse me, I left mine in the

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status: unread
title: test zity
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