[Kolab-devel] Ldap DN, from cn=..,dc=.. to mail=..,dc=..?

Jorgen Hermanrud Fjeld jhf at hex.no
Mon Jul 31 12:25:50 CEST 2006

The current ldap structure uses cn=..,dc=.. to name users, since each dn
must be distinct, every cn must also be distinct. In large installations
it is quite likely that two users have the same name, however entirely
unlikely that they have the same email address.
Would it not be better to use mail=..,dc=.. as a dn?

The code for handling web-ui user editing does not permit editing of the
primary mail address. Since the primary mail address is immutable, it
appears to me that it is the best attribute to use when generating a dn.
I assume that the choice of cn in the dn was made before kolab got
support for multiple domains, and therefore was less of an issue.
Is there a general agreement that the mail attribute is the way to go?

I have found previous posts that complain about this problem, stating
that a solution should be considered for kolab3. 
However, if i create patches for the web-ui, so that mail=..,dc=.. is
used instead of cn=..,dc=.., would you consider those patches for kolab2.1? 

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