[Kolab-devel] horde as kolab's web frontend or not

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Sat Jul 8 12:56:52 CEST 2006

Zitat von Richard Bos <radoeka at xs4all.nl>:

>> Regarding performance: The Kolab code in Horde is not using any  
>> IMAP  cache at all at the moment.
> Does this really make a difference in case the imap folder resides   
> on the same
> system as the webserver?  I believe that this can be added later to horde,
> after the other points described above by Jan have been solved.
> Dimap is probably very usefull in case the imap server is a different one and
> the user uses the agenda groupware functionality.

I agree, first we should make the Horde-Kolab-interaction stable and  
maintainable. Performance could always be improved later. Beside that  
we already have some IMAP caching support in CVS HEAD that could be  
utilized in a second step.

> What about scalability?  Is it easy to add just another horde server, or
> should I say slave?  So, there should actually be 1 horde master and many
> replicated slaves (like ldap indeed).

Horde scales very well and doesn't need a master-slave-architecture.  
If you need more performance, just through another web server in.
Horde is running in production on server farms serving up to millions  
of users.


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