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Gunnar Wrobel wrobel at gentoo.org
Fri Jul 7 23:29:36 CEST 2006

Hi Bernhard,

Bernhard Reiter <bernhard at intevation.de> writes:

> sorry for the late reply. 
> I have been away for a few weeks (yes some vacation as well).

No problem at all.

> No. 
> The intention is to modell a use case.
> People would often like to see an overview about the calendar of their group.
> Giving everybody full read access to all persons within the group is not the 
> best solution as this detailed information is not necessary. Also Outlook has 
> problems dealing with many calendar folders. Thus the idea was born to use
> the web for this and add the necessary information to an extended freebusy 
> view. This view could also be another privacy layer.
>> X-SUMMARY does not seem to be used anywhere, but groupware clients
>> could access this information if they fetch the *.xfb file. Which
>> clients use this information?
> /fbview currently uses it.
> If you have read access to a user you are adding to the view, you will see the 
> summary in the tooltip of marked busy time.
> We are currently thinking about
> a) to add the place of the appointment as well
> b) how to model access to the xfb information, currently access is too 
> restricted to make it useful.

Ok, I understand. So this is something that needs to be in there.

>> There are two problems that I do see with these extended attributes:
>> 1) They are erased before ever being accessible
> I have not checked yoru code analysis,
>  but I can see the summaries in the xfb lists,
> so they must not completely be gone.

Hm, might have misinterpreted something. Maybe I looked at the wrong
version of the code. I'll check this again.

>> 2) Merging free/busy attributes results in loss of X-* attributes
>> The function simplify within the vfreebusy.php script looks like it
>> throws away the extra parameters of an event if it finds a new event
>> that overlapy the first one. There seems to be no guaranteed order of
>> preference. I believe this might interfere with the intetion of
>> ignoring event updates as they are handled by the freebusy.php script.
>> So I would like to know what the intention of the X-* attributes are
>> and how handling of event updates is supposed to work.
> From the logic for the summary display, throwing away when merging seems fine, 
> though I think best would be to have the overlapping peroid to preserve the 
> other information like summary or place in the future.

Ok, so this should be solved in a different way. I'm going to check if
I can come up with something reasonable.

> Thanks a lot for your well written analysis!
> We are still bad reacting at your analysis, this is partly because we lack the 
> developer time. Still your help is appreciated a lot, even when we react 
> late.

I don't have any expectations that need to be met :) Thanks for your



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