[Kolab-devel] building kolab on a AMD 64 bits

Daniel Coletti dcoletti at xtech.com.ar
Wed Jul 5 15:55:33 CEST 2006

Martin Konold wrote:
> BTW: I always recommend to run the 32 Bit IA32 Binaries on a AMD64. The 32 Bit 
> Binaries are best build on a corresponding IA32 system. This is due to the 
> fact that 64 Bit will not provide any gains compared to 32 Bit for Kolab and 
> that 32 Bit is much better tested.

thanks martin, but ... the only binaries I see at the kolab download
servers are for debian (sarge), are you refering to these binaries? I
wonder if they're going to work in a fedora core 5.



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