[Kolab-devel] Kolab Server Beta 3 released

Bernhard Herzog bh at intevation.de
Thu Mar 10 00:43:13 CET 2005

I've uploaded a new kolab release: Kolab Server Beta 3

A proper announcement will follow when the mirrors have picked it up.

Changes since Beta 2, 20050114:

    - updated to openpkg version 2.2.2

    - updated imapd, zlib and clamav packages.  These updates fix
      security issues.

    - kolabd 20050114 -> 20050221

	kolab_bootstrap stops when ldap cannot be accessed instead of
	carrying on and merely warning about it

	main.cf.template now sets message_size_limit to 20 MiB

        * Fixing:
	    Issue626 (/kolab/etc/rc all start starts proftpd)
	    Issue615 (smtppolicy sometimes fails because ldap lookup fails)
	    Issue649 (logrotation for all logs)

    - kolab-resource-handlers 20050114 -> 20050221

        * Fixing:
	    Issue610 (html mails get corrupted)
	    Issue641 (extra slash in pfb trigger url)
	    Issue638 (cannot trigger other account's pfb creation)
	    Issue651 (fix install warnings)

    - kolab-webadmin 20050114 -> 20050222

        Shows visibility of distribution lists in the distribution list

        * Fixing:
	    Issue635 (Cannot send mail to UPPER CASE shared folder)
	    Issue646 (global shared folder with non-ascii characters)
	    Issue672 (virusalert at domain.tld and MAILER-DAEMON at domain.tld added)

    - perl-kolab 20050110 -> 20050221
        * Fixing:
	    Issue621 (comment char # in kolab.conf)
	    Issue656 (public folders: No annotations and cannot create)


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